Here I am staring at a monitor, looking very much like the television producer I am.


Born and raised in Baltimore, I grew up on the absurdist comedy of local legend John Waters. In high school, I scored an internship at the Maryland Film Office and ran around photographing locations for feature films. Naturally, this led to a brief stint operating alien puppets made out of industrial trash bags on the set of Species 2, which you may know as the sequel to Species 1. I also delivered pizza to the set of Jodie Foster's Home for the Holidays, thus I feel I can take full credit for that film’s massive commercial success

As a Film Studies major at Yale University, I coerced my gracious roommates into starring in horrible student movies and spent my junior year in Prague studying at FAMU, the film school alma mater of all the famous Czech New Wave directors. I wore track pants and smoked clove cigarettes and went jogging with my Walkman blasting The Smiths, so I was really deep and really thinking about things on another level just trust me.

Senior year, I got the opportunity to complete my thesis project under the tutelage of renowned filmmaker D A Pennebaker. By now a budding documentarian, obviously I headed out to make a groundbreaking film about the homeless population. After exactly one hour of trying to find interview subjects, I gave up. Encouraged by my mentor to "Go with what really interests you," I instead made a documentary about myself, complete with a scene in my bra and underwear where I stared into the camera, silently. I won an award for that film and felt totally validated. With the exception of my husband, no one has ever seen it again and no one ever will.

Post college I moved to LA, where I flunked several job interviews on account of a deadly combination of pretension and naivete. After a brief stint in casting at Columbia TriStar Televison (Dawson's Creek, King of Queens, Family Law), I landed in the mail room at United Talent Agency. As an assistant in the Motion Picture Talent department, here are some of the most important things I did: serve my boss her lunch on a silver platter with a doily, procure Kabbalah water for dogs, obtain appraisals for a massive Birkin bag collection, and get Nelly's entourage into parties without Nelly.

When an opportunity to return to nonfiction presented itself, I seized it - joining the Lizard Trading Company as a development assistant. From there I transitioned into my first production role, and a career was born. Over the past thirteen years I've developed and produced unscripted television for ABC, NBC, FOX, NETFLIX, YOUTUBE RED, MTV, A&E, HISTORY, LIFETIME, NAT GEO, ANIMAL PLANET, GSN and more. I'm happy to be exploring and innovating in documentary television and doing my part to move the ball forward in this exciting space.

I'm a mother of three, a wife of one, and a die-hard Ravens fan. Outside of entertainment, my interests include food of every stripe, home goods, vintage cookbooks, precipitation, daydreaming, pilsner and family traditions. If you need me, you can almost always find me at CVS.